Barbara Trapp

Barbara Trapp CPO

Zen Your Den & Zen Your Biz

Jacksonville, Florida 32210-4024

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Years in the Profession:
0 to 5
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Specialist Certificate:
Residential Organizing, Workplace Productivity, Life Transitions
My Company Offers the Following Services:
Business, Residential
Business Organizing and Productivity Categories:
Digital Organizing, Paper Management, Coaching, Consulting, Task and Time Management, Speaking & Training, Small Business Operations, Project Management, Virtual Organizing and Productivity, Chronic Disorganization, Corporate Operations, Workplace Systems and Processes, Team Productivity, ADHD, People with Disabilities, Event & Meeting Planning, Home Office Organizing, Email Management, Business Automation, Technology and Systems Training, Procedure Manuals
Residential Organizing and Productivity Categories:
Clutter Control, Coaching, Digital Organizing, General Home Organizing, Home Inventories, Home Offices, Kitchens, Paper Management, Task and Time Management, Virtual Organizing and Productivity, Household Management, ADHD, Children/Students, Speaking & Training, Eco-Organizing, Chronic Disorganization, People with Disabilities
About Me:
I offer nonjudgmental help to busy and overwhelmed peopleĀ®. With a background in training and process improvement, I help people organize their homes, businesses, and lives so they are free to pursue the life they desire.