Sheri MacGregor

Sheri MacGregor M.Ed.

Peacefully Productive

Gilbert, Arizona 85297

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0 to 5
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Residential Organizing, Workplace Productivity, Household Management, Team Productivity
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Business, Residential
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Digital Organizing, Paper Management, Coaching, Task and Time Management, Speaking & Training, Small Business Operations, Virtual Organizing and Productivity, Team Productivity, ADHD, People with Disabilities, Home Office Organizing, Email Management
Residential Organizing and Productivity Categories:
Clutter Control, Coaching, Digital Organizing, Home Offices, Paper Management, Photography/memorabilia/collections, Task and Time Management, Virtual Organizing and Productivity, Household Management, ADHD, Children/Students, Speaking & Training, Estate Management, People with Disabilities
About Me:
Sheri MacGregor, owner of Peacefully Productive in sunny Arizona, is a Virtual Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach who taps into 20 years as an educator and mentor to help her clients break down their goals into bite-sized pieces that are attainable. Sheri coachers her clients to bring peace to their paper piles, digital files, schedules, and photos.  After having medical and personal transitions in her own life, she's now passionate about helping others find peace and joy as clients navigate through their own life transitions. With grace and encouragement, she coaches her clients to create systems and processes so they have more time to spend doing what they love.